Profit From Forex Every Day

Profit From Forex Every Day

Yes, I know, you have been there, done it, got the T-Shirt and no doubt lost money on Forex trading, trying to follow signals, support and resistance, MacD, and so on.

So did we - for many years, off and on. I spent more money on courses and signals than I ever made, and wasted hours, days, weeks of my life staring at a computer screen, watching the big boys take my money, day in, day out. My son and I actually traded at the time when you has to phone a broker and place trades, or take profits when it hits a target. Unfortunately, Frank the broker must have been about 200 years old, and took as long to place or cancel trades - so much so that we eventually lost the will to live, and gave up on trading.

Then, everything went online, and we could do our own trading. It didn't make much of a difference - we lost just as much money, except we could lose it faster!

However, I am one of these people who simply refuses to give up. As Winston Churchill said " Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm". So I persisted. (My son thought I was mad, and went off to get married and make babies, settling down to a steady 'job' and suburban life).

After many years, I realised three things were required in order to make money from forex trading - (apart from having some money to trade with)

1) Find someone else who does the analysis so you don't need to sit staring at a screen all day.

2) Find a good Expert Advisor program that places profitable trades for you, so you can get on with your life.

3) A good, cheap VPS server so your trades can run non-stop (you can of course just leave your PC on 24/7

Ok - have a look at screenshots from the EA's that we use:

You of course can do larger lot sizes and get far more profit. We test EA's every day to ensure they make a profit, which is why we only do 0.01 lot sizes. 

Here is another successful EA:

So if you would like to make daily profits without losing your shirt or all your hair (or is it too late for the hair?)  take time out to explore this. We will help you get set up and profiting from Day 1.

What is in it for the people that provide the EA's?

They are affiliated to a reputable broker. They make a small commission on the trades placed. 

Here are the steps you can follow to gain access to our recommended EA program by using their platform. Follow the simple steps below

1️⃣ Register an account with VT markets and then fill in your details. CLICK HERE

2️⃣ Choose a standard account with MT5 and a leverage of 1:500 (important)

3️⃣ Verify your account and enable the deposit bonus (recommended)

4️⃣ Fund your account with a minimum first deposit of 600 USD

5️⃣ Confirm your registration with us by sending over your full name (IMPORTANT). CLICK HERE to contact us.

The EA works best with a deposit of 1.000 USD or above, however a balance of 600 USD will also work

If you have any queries or need help setting it up, we can assist you. CLICK HERE to contact us

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