A Forex Trading Bot - or a Pension?

A Forex Trading Bot - or a Pension?


A little while ago I came across a different type of platform that uses forex bot trading - totally different from anything that I had ever seen before. So I decided to investigate - and I am so glad that I did!

There is a very special bot service,  trading on the Torobase platform - and before you rush off to look. let me explain that you will need my help setting it up. Whatever you do, do not register on Torobase - we have to do that via the Bot, not the other way around.

Here's how it works:

When you register, with the bot service you get a whole 3 months absolutely FREE of cost.

If it works for you and you make profits, Carina takes 10% of the profits. They must be confident that you are going to profit - otherwise what is the point?

So there is no monthly fee, and the risk is minimal.

You deposit USDT cryptocurrency to trade. Luckily, Torobase has its own method of enabling you to buy the USDT with a credit card etc., so anyone can access it. There isn't the usual problem with the banks not allowing purchases of cryptocurrency. The minimum to trade and try it all out is $100 (plus a small handling charge so put a little extra in - it will tell you).

The bot trades usually once a day, and only on the EURUSD pair. It is consistently profitable (no method is 100% profitable). Take a look:

So if you are looking for a steady, profitable reliable trading bot, check this out. The bot has been trading for over 3 years, producing consistent profits, and it can give you another stream of income. The bot was placed on a live account, where it worked its magic, compounding all the way.

My thought is that if you don't have a pension, this bot might just do it for you! Start it up and leave it to compound...

You need to have at least $500 on your Torobase trading account:

CarinaBot usually risks only 0.2% of your total capital per each trade. For instance, if your total capital is $100, a trade with a risk of $0.2 is not possible, so CarinaBot instead opens a trade for a minimum of $1, effectively violating its own risk-management rules. The same situation occurs if your account balance is $300 - in this case, 0.2% from $300 is again invalid and not possible value, and CarinaBot once again opens a trade for the same $1, still breaking the risk-management rules.

However, once your trading account surpasses $500, CarinaBot is capable of utilising more leverage, which leads to larger profits. As an example, with a $5000 account and a risk of 0.2%, the trade amount would be $10. This results in a $10 profit per trade, and not just $1. 

It's important to understand that CarinaBot's trading algorithm is not intended for micro accounts with balances under $500, and in fact, increasing the trading capital de facto helps CarinaBot to minimise the risk and maximise the profits.

You can experiment with a micro account during the first month, but then CarinaBot will require you to have a trading balance of at least $500 to continue trading for you. This is because mathematically, a minimum balance of $500 is necessary for CarinaBot's risk management algorithm to function properly and generate stable and better profits for you.

As your account balance increases, the bot's mathematical algorithms enable higher potential profits without over-leveraging, ensuring a secure trading environment. For example, trading with a $1000 account may result in double the profits, while a $10,000 account could generate twenty times larger profits due to the bot's mathematically-driven trading strategy. These adjustments optimise profitability while maintaining safety measures.

How to Get Started

CLICK HERE to register your interest. When you are on board, and you need assistance to set it all up (it takes about 15 mins in total), contact me at themidasteam@protonmail.com and I will assist you.



The following disclaimer outlines important information regarding the online opportunity ("Opportunity") being presented. Before proceeding, please carefully read and understand the contents of this disclaimer:

  1. No Earnings Guarantee: The Opportunity is not a guaranteed source of income. Any statements, representations, or examples of potential earnings provided are for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary, and success in the Opportunity depends on individual efforts, skills, and market conditions.
  2. Individual Responsibility: Participants in the Opportunity acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their actions and decisions. Engaging in the Opportunity does not guarantee financial success, and any outcomes are subject to personal dedication, commitment, and aptitude.
  3. Risk Assessment: All participants must perform their own due diligence and assess the risks associated with the Opportunity. Past performance or success of others does not guarantee future results. Potential participants should consider their financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance before proceeding.
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